Name:Andy Tyler
Big Bass: 6.14
Hometown:Buchanan ,TN
Biggest String: 25.06
Competition Team:AF
Home Division:32
National Place: 514
Total Points 780
Total Payout: $583

PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
2 04/29/2018 Kentucky 13.71 199 $329
4 05/12/2018 Kentucky Lake 8.07 196 $0
2 05/26/2018 Kentucky Lake 25.06 195 $254
4 07/07/2018 Kentucky Lake 7.32 190 $0
7 04/08/2018 Kentucky Lake 5.40 186 $0
10 06/30/2018 Kentucky 1.85 185 $0


PL Div Date Lake Total Points Payout
2 32 04/29/2018 Kentucky 13.71 199 $329
4 40 05/12/2018 Kentucky Lake 8.07 196 $0
2 32 05/26/2018 Kentucky Lake 25.06 195 $254
4 32 07/07/2018 Kentucky Lake 7.32 190 $0
7 32 04/08/2018 Kentucky Lake 5.40 186 $0
10 32 06/30/2018 Kentucky 1.85 185 $0
            Total  $583





2 04/29/2018 13.71 199 329
4 05/12/2018 8.07 196 0
2 05/26/2018 25.06 195 254
4 07/07/2018 7.32 190 0
7 04/08/2018 5.40 186 0
10 06/30/2018 1.85 185 0

What Truck, Boat and Outboard does Andy run?

Pheonix 721 with a 250 mercury pro xs  Chevy Silverado

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What Andy does for a living:

Mechanic for the Board of Public Utilities in Paris,Tn

What you should know about Andy:

I am a Air Force veteran. I have a wonderful wife, Christa, three children and three grandchildren and another on the way. Bass fishing is my favorite hobby, but I also enjoy hunting and crappie fishing. Above all Christ is my savior and without Him nothing would be possible. 

How Andy started fishing

I started fishing tournaments at age 12. I won a local junior fishing rodeo and was hooked. My dad was a big influence. He fished tournaments for many years. He, along with some good friends encouraged me to join a local bass club. I learned a wealth of knowledge. 

Aspirations or goals with fishing

To win but also to learn everything I can about the sport. 

Favorite way to fish

Flipping jigs is my favorite way to fish but I also enjoy ledge fishing. 

Most exciting fishing experience

Most all of them excited me in one way or another. Beats work! 

How Andy prep for a tournament

I study the weather and lake conditions and spend as much time as I can searching on the water. 

Three favorite search baits

Spinnerbaits, lipless crankbait, and Carolina rigs 

Best tournament finish and what you did that day when you were fishing.

I've had a few 1st place finishes. I really can't pick one from the other. Most of them I probably had some sort of jig in my hand. 

Most challenging part of tournament fishing

Adapting to changing conditions.

When tournaments don't go my way

I take time to look back at what I should have done differently then I start to put a game plan together for the next tournament. 

Advice to give to an aspiring tournament angler:

Spend as much time as possible on the water and take in as much information as you can. Fish your strengths and don't be hard headed, try different things! 

Some shared general bass fishing techniques for people just getting into the sport

Keep focused on what your doing and have fun! You can't win them all and the more you fish the better you'll get. 

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