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Welcome to the American Fishing Tour - Call (256)232-0406
Welcome to the American Fishing Tour
Got a Question - Call (256)232-0406
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Tom Dupuis wins Two Day, Rick Holmberg takes AOY

ATHENS, Ala. –  Tom Dupuis won the American Fishing Tour presented by American Bass Anglers, Connecticut Division 6 final two-day tournament of the year, held on lakes Zoar and Lillinonah.  

Tom caught his limit of bass on both days for a total weight of 22.82 pounds. He led the field on day one and caught the big fish on both days with smallmouth bass.  Tom caught all his fish on topwater making the most of the early morning bite. For the victory, he took home $952.00 in cash.

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Delk Wins Championship; Carter Take AOY

American Bass Anglers Division 126 held their 2-day Championship on Stockton Lake August 11-12. The weather cooperated, but the fish did not. One angler brought in a 5-fish limit both days; that was Justin Delk who won the tournament with a total weight of 22.64-lbs. Second place went to Jay Carter with 19.59-lbs which was enough to earn him D126 Angler of the Year. Scott Lawson took 3rd place with 14.44-lbs which included day-1 Big Bass weighing 3.57-lbs. Day-2 Big Bass went to Dale Boothe, who weighed in a 5.7-lb lunker.

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Larry Laney AOY and wins Guntersville Division 29 Championship 

Larry Laney of Bryant, Al is one step closer to the 2018 ABA National Championship with a 1st Place win during the American Fishing Tour Division 29 Championship held at Lake Guntersville on the 4th and 5th of August 2018. Larry dominated the field by more than 8 pounds and easily secured the points needed to be named Angler of the Year.  Larry landed Day-One and Day-Two big bass with a 6.37 pounder on Saturday, and a 6.55 pounder on Sunday.  His total for both days was a whopping 39.85-lbs.

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Bobby Clark Wins D17, 2 Day Championship on Chowan River

Bobby Clark, of MacClesfield, NC won the AFT Division 17, North Carolina Central 2 Day Championship on the Chowan River.  The event was held on 4 and 5 August, 2018 launching out of the Highway 13 Ramp (Shoups Landing) in Winton, North Carolina.   Bobby Clark caught a 2-day total of 23.86-lbs to win the Championship. Bobby said he caught his fish on crankbaits and worms and moved around a lot both days.  Congratulation Bobby!  

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Eric Turner Wins the ABA District 42 tournament on the Arkansas River

Tough conditions prevailed at the last1-day event for the Division 42 anglers fishing the Arkansas River/Tar Camp Pool.  No river flow with hot and humid conditions made for tough fishing.  No five-fish limits were weighed in.

Eric Turner topped the field with four-fish for a total weight of 5.16-lbs.  Eric threw a Slider Ringmaster worm on a homemade shakey-head on a Dobyns 743 HP rod and Lew’s reel spooled up with Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon line.  Eric stated using Bait Mate attractant helped catch his fish.

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Wally Peer Takes the win on Hopatcong

Wally Peer won the American Fishing Tour New Jersey Division 10 tournament held on 07/29/2018 at Lake Hopatcong.  Division 10 was running out of Lee’s Park Marina in Mt. Arlington, NJ.

Peer of Succasunna, NJ caught 5-bass weighing 12.11-pounds.  For the victory, Wally took home a check for $543.00. Wally caught his fish using soft plastic in deep weeds. Peer also collected and additional $100 for the Big Fish side pot with a 4.36-pound Large Mouth.

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Frank Vida wins at the Connecticut River 

ATHENS, Ala. –  Frank Vida won the  American Fishing Tour presented by American Bass Anglers, Connecticut Division 6 tournament, held on the Connecticut River.  Running out of the Salmon River State ramp landing, first-year member Frank Vida from New Fairfield, Connecticut caught the only 5-fish limit of bass of the day that weighed in at 9.94-pounds.  The river fishing and catching were very difficult due to heavy rains and storms that pounded the area all week long, but Frank was still able to find them.  He said he caught them on a spinnerbait and senko off of the docks in some of the marine coves.  Included in his limit was a 3.39-pound largemouth being good enough for the big fish of the day. For his efforts, he took home $476.00 in cash.

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Division 22 - 2019 Schedules

August 27, 2018

ABA is working on the 2019 Schedule for Alabama Division 22, Northwest Alabama. There will be at least one fall event. The first event is scheduled on October 13th on Wilson Lake out of the Safety Harbor. Watch here for updates on the 2019 Schedule.

October 13th will be a great opportunity to fish Wilson Lake at the best time of the year. As you may know the Tennessee River will be in a drawing down phase for winter. The bass will be turned on and will be feeding up for the winter and one of the best times of the year to be on this lake.

Link to pre-register. (on-site sign-in begins at 5:00am, briefing and pairing at 6:30am, launch at safe daylight) Official sunrise is 7:54am as this is just before the time change to daylight savings time.

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Jay Carter Wins Stockton ABA Tournament

Only two 5-fish limits came to the scales in American Bass Anglers Stockton Lake D126 tournament Saturday, July 21. But the winner weighed only three fish for 11.46 lbs, which included Big Bass that topped the scales at 6.03 lbs. Before he took them out of the bag, he was asked if he had any big ones. His reply was, “One big, one medium and one small.” And that was a good description of his catch. Second place went to Byron Maze with a 5-fish limit that weighed 9.67; 3rd place winner was Justin Delk with the other limit weighing 9.53 lbs.

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Bobby Clark Wins on Chowan River

Bobby Clark, of MacClesfield, NC won the AFT Division 17, North Carolina Central tournament on the Chowan River.  The event was held on Chowan on 21 July 2018, launching out of the Highway 13 Ramp (Shoups Landing) in Winton, North Carolina.  It was a wet rainy day from start to finish with the river super high and the water way back in the woods.  But Bobby Clark figured out the pattern by catching an impressive limit of fish.  Bobby caught 5 bass weighing 16.85 lbs.  Bobby said he caught his fish on crank baits down river.  Congratulation Bobby.  Mike Roberson of Battleboro, NC took 2nd place honors with 14.48 lbs and had big fish of the tournament with a huge 7.19 pounder.   

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Membership - $35 Annually
Entry Fees:
Divisional One-Day: $70 
Divisional Two-Day Championship: $140
National Championship: $170


Starting an American Fishing Tour Division on Your Home Lake for 2018

Upcoming Events (2018 Season)

Virginia 8/18/2018 Kerr
New Jersey 8/18/2018 Greenwood/Hopatcong
Missouri 8/18/2018 Lake Ozark/Truman
Southeast North Carolina 8/18/2018 Northeast Cape Fear River
Kentucky Central 8/18/2018 Kentucky Lake
Florida - Toho 8/18/2018 Toho
Alabama East Central 8/18/2018 Neely Henry/Weiss
KY Lake 8/18/2018 Kentucky Lake
Kansas South 8/19/2018 Eureka
Maryland 8/19/2018 Potomac
New York North 8/25/2018 Oneida
Illinois North 8/25/2018 Mississippi River Pool 12
Louisiana Central 8/25/2018 Cross
Ohio-Central 8/25/2018 Delaware Reservoir
Arkansas River 8/25/2018 Maumelle Pool
Lynchburg / Roanoke VA 8/25/2018 Smith Mountain
South Louisiana 8/25/2018 Pearl River
Oklahoma North 8/25/2018 TBD
New Hampshire 8/25/2018 Ossipee/Conway
New York North 8/26/2018 Fairhaven
Virginia 9/08/2018 Chickahominy River
Kansas South 9/08/2018 TBA
New Mexico 9/15/2018 Ute
Maryland 9/15/2018 Potomac
South Louisiana 9/15/2018 Blind River
Minnesota 9/15/2018 White Bear/Big Marine
New York North 9/15/2018 Black Lake
New Mexico 9/16/2018 Ute
Massachusetts - New England 9/16/2018 Wequaquet Lake-Centerville
Lynchburg / Roanoke VA 9/22/2018 Smith Mountain
South Louisiana 10/06/2018 Pearl River
Massachusetts - New England 10/14/2018 Long Pond-Harwich


Upcoming Events (2019 Season)


Divison: Date: Lake: Register
Pennsylvania 8/11/2018 Delaware River
South Carolina - Greenwood 8/19/2018 Clark Hill
Pennsylvania 8/25/2018 Delaware River
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 8/25/2018 Ross Barnett
Massachusetts - Central New England 9/02/2018 Barton's Cove
North Carolina Piedmont 9/08/2018 Gaston Lake
Alabama - Mobile 9/08/2018 Tensaw River
Tennessee West 9/08/2018 Kentucky Lake
North Carolina Charlotte 9/08/2018 Lake Norman
South Carolina- Savannah River 9/08/2018 Savannah River
Pennsylvania 9/15/2018 North East River
North Carolina Southeast 9/15/2018 NE Cape Fear River
Alabama Lay Lake- Logan Martin 9/15/2018 Logan Martin
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 9/15/2018 Ross Barnett
South Carolina-Greenwood 9/16/2018 Hartwell
North Carolina Charlotte 9/16/2018 Lake Norman
North Carolina Piedmont 9/22/2018 Falls Lake (Open)
North Carolina Central 9/22/2018 Roanoke River
Louisiana Central 9/22/2018 Bisteneau Lake
Texas- Sam Rayburn- North 9/22/2018 Sam Rayburn
South Carolina- Northwest 9/23/2018 Hartwell
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 9/23/2018 Bridgeport
Tennessee West 9/29/2018 Kentucky Lake
North Carolina East 9/29/2018 Tar River
Georgia North 9/29/2018 Allatoona
North Carolina Central 10/06/2018 Tar/Pamlico River
Alabama - Mobile 10/06/2018 Tensaw River
Massachusetts - Central New England 10/07/2018 Quinsigamond
Alabama Northwest 10/13/2018 Wilson Lake
Pennsylvania 10/13/2018 Delaware River
Louisiana Central 10/13/2018 Caddo Lake
South Carolina- Savannah River 10/13/2018 Savannah River
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 10/13/2018 Ross Barnett
Alabama Lay Lake- Logan Martin 10/13/2018 Lay Lake
Mississippi Gulf Coast 10/13/2018 Back Bay
South Carolina- Northwest 10/14/2018 Russell
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 10/14/2018 Lewisville
South Carolina-Greenwood 10/17/2018 Murray
Georgia North 10/20/2018 Allatoona
South Carolina Central 10/20/2018 Wylie
Alabama Central 10/27/2018 Jordan
Texas- Sam Rayburn- North 10/27/2018 Toledo Bend

Top 50 Anglers (2018)

1 Jason Burroughs 1197
2 Steve Graziano 1191
3 Danny Ashley 1189
3 Jeremy Sabo 1189
5 George Berry 1188
6 Russell Clark 1187
7 Carl Hayes 1186
8 Barry Stokes 1185
9 Larry Laney 1183
9 Jeremy Aycock 1183
11 Tracy Webb 1182
11 Rhett Manus 1182
13 Eric Nethery 1181
14 Joey Miller 1178
15 Doug Davis 1177
16 Michael Sims 1176
16 Charles Hill 1176
18 Calvin Hunter 1174
19 Tim Wiltfong 1173
19 Ray Neighbors 1173
21 Kenny Carroll 1172
21 Curtis Sanders 1172
23 Donnie Boudreaux 1171
23 Joseph Lynch 1171
23 Mike Pryor 1171
26 Keith Hughes 1170
27 Richard Bradford 1169
27 Michael Kinsey 1169
27 Pat Leach 1169
30 William Sheffield 1168
30 Bradley Collum 1168
30 David Howell 1168
33 Brad Shufflin 1167
33 Jim Windham 1167
33 Joe Cable 1167
36 Doug Weissinger 1166
36 Paul Tony Tidwell 1166
36 Eric Craft 1166
36 Mike York 1166
36 Ken Draskovic 1166
36 Kameron Harbin 1166
36 Mike Morris 1166
36 Clayton Shoupe 1166
44 James Golden 1165
44 Mike Butcher 1165
44 Cole Moore 1165
44 David Huie 1165
44 Chase Stewart 1165
44 Tom O Bryant 1165
50 Glenn Goodson 1164


T-H Marine's Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate