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Pinkston Steals Win on Toledo Bend

Ryan Pinkston of Center, Texas won the American Bass Anglers Ram Truck Open Series Texas Southeast Division tournament, held July 23rd, 2016 on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Running out of Fin & Feather Resort near Hemphill, Texas Ryan caught five bass weighing 22.29 pounds. He hammered the competition with his limit bag holding 4 strong kickers. “It may sound funny, but we struggled today,” Pinkston said. “I only had about 5 or 6 bites, maybe 10 total between the two of us. We stayed relatively deep about 10 - 15 feet all day and found them in about 10 different places. We only caught 1 fish per spot, but we did not go that far out on the lake.” For the Boater division victory, Pinkston took home a check for $5,000.

In second for the Boaters, Glen Freeman of Converse, Louisiana landed a five-bass tournament limit going 19.90 pounds. “We stayed deep all day,” Freeman said. “We started deep, fished deep, and caught all our fish that way. We probably had only about 7 bites though. It was a tough day.” He collected $1,302 for the effort.

Logan Sherrer of Karnack, Texas took third for the Boaters with five bass going 19.52 pounds. He anchored his catch with a 8.25-pound kicker. “At 1 o’clock, I only had 5 pounds in the boat, then all of a sudden I caught two big ones,” Sherrer said. “I fished the last few days in practice and only caught five keepers in three days. The only way I was catching them was flipping shallows. Today I caught those two big ones and 5 minutes later my co-angler caught a 4-pounder. We just found a special spot there.”  His efforts earned him $868. Logan also caught Big Bass for the Boaters to earn an additional $560.

Finishing fourth, Nick LeBrun of Bossier City, Louisiana landed a five-bass limit for 17.61 pounds.

Ben Matsubu of Hemphill, Texas rounded out the top five boaters with five bass at 17.32 pounds topped by a 5.04-pound kicker.

In the Co-Angler Division, Donny Davis of Livingston, Louisiana won with three bass going 12.23 pounds. He sealed his victory with his 8.27-pound kicker. “First off we started chasing schoolies,” Davis said. “Then the bite drug way down and we starting fishing deep. My big bass came up real dark with a solid black back, and I knew I snagged her up from about 10 feet down.”  He pocketed a check for $1,695.

Donny was also the overall big bass winner with his strong kicker of 8.27 lbs that he caught using an Abu Garcia reel. His catch earned him a brand new Revo SX reel from Abu as well as an additional $230 Big Bass check.

Taking second for the Co-Anglers, Brian “B-Dawg” Murphy of Sulphur, Louisiana brought in a three-bass division limit weighing 11.52 pounds. “I caught two fairly early then went a long time without catching anything.” Murphy said. “Then in the last 5 minutes before checking in I caught a little 4-pounder that gave me the extra weight to get me here.” He collected $563 for the effort.

Buck Hux of New Braunfels, Texas placed third on the Co-Anglers side of the house with three bass going 9.32 pounds. He anchored his catch with a 4.28-pound kicker. “It was an afternoon bite,” Hux said. “I caught them flipping a jig, and as the day progressed the bite kept stringing on. I just wish I had that extra bite for a few more ounces. I culled 4 fish today, and this is what I came back with. It was a great day, though.” He earned $375 for the efforts.

In fourth place among the Co-Anglers, new ABA angler Harley Wilson of Beckville, Texas brought in three bass for 8.97 pounds. 

Samuel Roques of Lake Charles, Louisiana finished in fifth place with three bass at 8.35 pounds.

Slated for September 24th & 25th, the next tournament for this division is the 2-Day Area Championship, which will be held on Toledo Bend Reservoir out of Cypress Bend Park near Many, LA. At the end of the season, the best anglers from across the nation advance to the 2017 Ray Scott Championship, slated for Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville, TN in April of 2017. 

For more information on this tournament, call Christopher Wayand, tournament manager, at (256)230-5627 or ABA at (256)232-0406. Online, see www.ramopenseries.com .

About American Bass Anglers: American Bass Anglers is committed to providing low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression. For more information about American Bass Anglers, the Ram Truck Open Series, the American Fishing Tour or the American Couples Series, visit www.americanbassanglers.com.



Membership - $35 Annually
Entry Fees:
Divisional One-Day: $70 
Divisional Two-Day Championship: $140
National Championship: $170


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North Carolina Piedmont 9/22/2018 Falls Lake (Open)
North Carolina Central 9/22/2018 Roanoke (rescheduled due to flooding to 11/03
Louisiana Central 9/22/2018 Bisteneau
Texas- Sam Rayburn- North 9/22/2018 Sam Rayburn
Texas- Wichita Falls 9/22/2018 Bridgeport
South Carolina- Northwest 9/23/2018 Hartwell
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 9/23/2018 Bridgeport
Massachusetts- Western 9/23/2018 Wickaboag
Tennessee West 9/29/2018 Kentucky Lake
North Carolina East 9/29/2018 Tar River
Georgia North 9/29/2018 Allatoona
Alabama- West 9/30/2018 Bankhead
North Carolina Central 10/06/2018 Tar/Pamlico River
Alabama - Mobile 10/06/2018 Tensaw River
Georgia Central 10/06/2018 Sinclair
Louisiana- Toledo Bend South 10/06/2018 Toledo Bend
New Jersey 10/06/2018 Hopatcong
Kentucy Lake 10/06/2018 Kentucky
Massachusetts - Central New England 10/07/2018 Quinsigamond
Alabama Northwest 10/13/2018 Wilson Lake
Pennsylvania 10/13/2018 Delaware River
Louisiana Central 10/13/2018 Caddo
South Carolina- Savannah River 10/13/2018 Savannah River
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 10/13/2018 Ross Barnett
Alabama Lay Lake- Logan Martin 10/13/2018 Lay Lake
Mississippi Gulf Coast 10/13/2018 Back Bay
Georgia Central 10/13/2018 Oconee
Virginia 10/13/2018 Kerr
Louisiana- North Central 10/13/2018 Ouachita River
Texas- Wichita Falls 10/13/2018 Amon Carter
South Carolina- Northwest 10/14/2018 Russell
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 10/14/2018 Lewisville
Massachusetts- Western 10/14/2018 Congamond
South Carolina-Greenwood 10/17/2018 Murray
Georgia North 10/20/2018 Allatoona
South Carolina Central 10/20/2018 Wylie
Alabama- West 10/21/2018 Bankhead
Alabama Central 10/27/2018 Jordan
Texas- Sam Rayburn- North 10/27/2018 Toledo Bend
Pennsylvania 11/03/2018 North East River
Louisiana Central 11/03/2018 Cross
Florida Harris Chain 11/03/2018 Harris Chain
Texas- Central 11/03/2018 Waco
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 11/03/2018 Ross Barnett
Georgia- Jackson Lake 11/03/2018 Jackson
Massachusetts- Western 11/04/2018 Oxbow
North Carolina East 11/10/2018 Neuse River
North Carolina Charlotte 11/10/2018 High Rock
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 11/10/2018 Ross Barnett
Mississippi Gulf Coast 11/10/2018 Jordan
Georgia Central 11/10/2018 Oconee
Virginia- Western 11/10/2018 Kerr
Virginia 11/10/2018 Chickahominy River
Louisiana- Toledo Bend South 11/10/2018 Toledo Bend
Louisiana- North Central 11/10/2018 Bayou Bartholomew
Texas- Wichita Falls 11/10/2018 Texoma
Florida-Istokpoga South 11/11/2018 Istokpoga
Texas- Sam Rayburn- North 11/11/2018 Sam Rayburn
South Carolina- Northwest 11/11/2018 Clarks Hill
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 11/11/2018 Amon Carter
Louisiana- Toledo Bend South 11/11/2018 Toledo Bend
Alabama-Wheeler Lake 11/14/2018 Wheeler Lake
North Carolina Piedmont 11/17/2018 Kerr
North Carolina Central 11/17/2018 Gaston
Alabama-Mobile 11/17/2018 Tensaw River
Alabama Central 11/17/2018 Mitchell
Georgia North 11/17/2018 Allatoona
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 11/17/2018 Ray Roberts
Alabama Lay Lake- Logan Martin 11/17/2018 Logan Martin
South Carolina Central 11/17/2018 Murray
Missouri 11/17/2018 Lake Ozark
Florida- Harris Chain- Venetian Gardens 11/18/2018 Harris Chain
South Carolina- Savannah River 11/18/2018 Savannah River
Alabama- West 11/18/2018 Bankhead
Florida- St Johns North 11/18/2018 Rodman
North Carolina Southeast 11/24/2018 NE Cape Fear River (Open)
Georgia Central 11/24/2018 Oconee
South Carolina-Greenwood 11/25/2018 Russell
North Carolina Piedmont 12/01/2018 Jordan
Florida Harris Chain 12/01/2018 Harris Chain
Georgia North 12/01/2018 Allatoona
Texas- Central 12/01/2018 Stillhouse
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 12/01/2018 Ross Barnett
Georgia Central 12/01/2018 Sinclair
Louisiana- Toledo Bend South 12/01/2018 Toledo Bend
Texas- Wichita Falls 12/01/2018 Graham
Alabama-Mobile 12/08/2018 Tensaw River
Louisiana Central 12/08/2018 Hosston
North Carolina East 12/08/2018 Tar River
Dallas Fort Worth Texas 12/08/2018 Texoma
Alabama Lay Lake- Logan Martin 12/08/2018 Lay Lake
Mississippi Gulf Coast 12/08/2018 Pearl River
Virginia- Western 12/08/2018 Kerr
Florida-Istokpoga South 12/09/2018 Istokpoga
South Carolina- Northwest 12/09/2018 Hartwell
Alabama-Wheeler Lake 12/12/2018 Wheeler Lake
Mississippi- Ross Barnett 12/14/2018 Ross Barnett
North Carolina Southeast 12/15/2018 Elwell Ferry
Texas- Sam Rayburn- North 12/15/2018 Toledo Bend
South Carolina- Savannah River 12/15/2018 Savannah River
Georgia- Jackson Lake


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