Name:Deacon Collins
Big Bass: 0.00
Hometown:Tyrone ,GA
Biggest String: 7.69
Competition Team:A
Home Division:12
National Place: 183
Total Points 774
Total Payout: $0

PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
5 12/17/2017 Lake Eufaula 10.34 196 $0
8 10/07/2017 Lake Eufaula 6.99 193 $0
4 12/02/2017 West Point 9.62 193 $0
9 05/05/2018 Lake Eufaula 9.53 192 $0
9 09/30/2017 West Point 7.69 192 $0
9 11/18/2017 Lake Eufaula 5.80 191 $0
5 02/18/2018 West Point 11.35 191 $0
10 04/14/2018 West Point 7.32 191 $0
16 02/24/2018 Lake Eufaula 7.17 185 $0
17 03/24/2018 Lake Eufaula 2.93 182 $0
05/19/2018 Seminole 0.00 0 $0


PL Div Date Lake Total Points Payout
5 12 12/17/2017 Lake Eufaula 10.34 196 $0
8 12 10/07/2017 Lake Eufaula 6.99 193 $0
4 99 12/02/2017 West Point 9.62 193 $0
9 12 05/05/2018 Lake Eufaula 9.53 192 $0
9 99 09/30/2017 West Point 7.69 192 $0
9 12 11/18/2017 Lake Eufaula 5.80 191 $0
5 99 02/18/2018 West Point 11.35 191 $0
10 99 04/14/2018 West Point 7.32 191 $0
16 12 02/24/2018 Lake Eufaula 7.17 185 $0
17 12 03/24/2018 Lake Eufaula 2.93 182 $0
114 05/19/2018 Seminole 0.00 0 $0
            Total  $0






5 12/17/2017 10.34 196 0
8 10/07/2017 6.99 193 0
4 12/02/2017 9.62 193 0
9 05/05/2018 9.53 192 0
9 09/30/2017 7.69 192 0
9 11/18/2017 5.80 191 0
5 02/18/2018 11.35 191 0
10 04/14/2018 7.32 191 0
16 02/24/2018 7.17 185 0
17 03/24/2018 2.93 182 0
05/19/2018 0.00 0 0

What Truck, Boat and Outboard does Deacon run?

I am currently running a 2015 TRX21 Triton with a 250 ProXS Mercury. My primary truck is F250 Ford and my alternate vehicle is a 1949 Willys Jeep (if I need to get somewhere in a hurry).

My Sponsors

My primary sponsor has and always will be my wife Sharon.

I have been fortunate to be provided assistance from the following companies:

What Deacon does for a living:

I had the priviledge of serving in the military for 22 years. After retiring from the military, I worked for a small consulting company for 19 years. I currently assist in the management of the ABA Pro Staff.

What you should know about Deacon:

I love holding a rod while standing on the front of a fast boat and watching the sun come up. Beside fishing I enjoy duck hunting on a cold icy morning with a hot cup of coffee and an old chocolate lab named Sam.

I believe in taking your hat off at the dinner table; opening the door for a lady; and saluting the flag when the National Anthem is played.

How Deacon started fishing

I started fishing for catfish and running trotlines with my dad when I was 6 yrs old in a 14 foot cypress boat with a red and white 18HP Johnson on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. 

When I attended the Infantry Officers Advance at Ft Benning, GA in 1979, I had the honor of being introduced to Bass Fishing by Col Harry Hall and Willie Goble. They tried their very best to teach me how to catch "the elusive green fish". I dearly wish that I had paid more attention. 

After a tour in Korea I joined the MBAA at Ft Campbell, KY and have participated in tournaments ever sense.

Aspirations or goals with fishing

To continue to help our younger anglers further their fishing goals and aspirations. The most enjoyment that I get when fishing ABA Tournaments is when my Co-Angler catches their limit and receives a check. If they are able to do that, then I've had another great day on the water and posibly made a new friend for life.

Favorite way to fish

I absolutely love to fish plastics, either a shaky head or carolina rig, and finesee jigs. Both require patience    and are not as hard on the old body. Don't take me wrong, I also look forward to the eplosion that comes with a frog bite on Lake Eufaula or Seminole.

Most exciting fishing experience

How Deacon prep for a tournament

I pack everything that I can cram into by truck from an extra lower unit, trolling motor, prop, to a battery. If it can be broken, it's going to happen to me.

I inventory what I have in my boat and use a checklist to make sure that I have all my safety equipment, rods, water, and tackle that I need to take.

As far as actual fishing prep (tackle and where I going on the lake), I look at the time of year, outside and water temperature, cloud cover, and water color. This gives me an idea of where and how to fish on any given body of water. 

Three favorite search baits

Best tournament finish and what you did that day when you were fishing.

Most challenging part of tournament fishing

When tournaments don't go my way

I try to figure out what I could have done better and make a note of what worked for the guys that had a good tournament. The only person to blame for a poor day is myself because I didn't prepare or execute properly. The only bad tournament would be if my patrner got injured or we didn't make it back to the landing, otherwise they are all good tournaments because we got to go fishing. 

Advice to give to an aspiring tournament angler:

Simple, pay attention when you get a bite and catch a fish. If you will listen, the fish will tell you what to do.  Also, try to learn something new every time you get on the water and never ever give up.

Some shared general bass fishing techniques for people just getting into the sport

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