Name:Lance Eckford
Big Bass: 5.18
Hometown:Troutman ,NC
Biggest String: 21.78
Competition Team:N
Home Division:14
National Place: 92
Total Points 1162
Total Payout: $1610

PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
3 06/16/2018 Kerr/Gaston 20.81 396 $246
2 06/02/2018 Lake Norman 21.78 394 $576
1 03/03/2018 Badin Lake 17.20 200 $539
9 04/14/2018 Badin Lake 11.88 192 $0
1 09/16/2017 Lake Norman 8.74 187 $249
9 05/12/2018 Lake Norman 6.83 187 $0
7 11/04/2017 High Rock Lake 2.37 185 $0
16 03/31/2018 Lake Norman 6.12 185 $0
6 04/15/2018 Tuckertown Lake 10.42 185 $0
3 09/17/2017 Lake Norman 5.98 183 $0
7 04/28/2018 High Rock 0.00 50 $0
10/24/2018 Lake Hartwell 0.00 0 $0


PL Div Date Lake Total Points Payout
3 16 06/16/2018 Kerr/Gaston 20.81 396 $246
2 14 06/02/2018 Lake Norman 21.78 394 $576
1 14 03/03/2018 Badin Lake 17.20 200 $539
9 14 04/14/2018 Badin Lake 11.88 192 $0
1 14 09/16/2017 Lake Norman 8.74 187 $249
9 14 05/12/2018 Lake Norman 6.83 187 $0
7 14 11/04/2017 High Rock Lake 2.37 185 $0
16 14 03/31/2018 Lake Norman 6.12 185 $0
6 14 04/15/2018 Tuckertown Lake 10.42 185 $0
3 14 09/17/2017 Lake Norman 5.98 183 $0
7 14 04/28/2018 High Rock 0.00 50 $0
1 10/24/2018 Lake Hartwell 0.00 0 $0
            Total  $1610





3 06/16/2018 20.81 396 246
2 06/02/2018 21.78 394 576
1 03/03/2018 17.20 200 539
9 04/14/2018 11.88 192 0
1 09/16/2017 8.74 187 249
9 05/12/2018 6.83 187 0
7 11/04/2017 2.37 185 0
16 03/31/2018 6.12 185 0
6 04/15/2018 10.42 185 0
3 09/17/2017 5.98 183 0
7 04/28/2018 0.00 50 0
10/24/2018 0.00 0 0

What Truck, Boat and Outboard does Lance run?

2008 Bee Line By Phoenix Boats

150 HP Mercury Four Stroke

GMC Sierra

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What Lance does for a living:

Currently work in the Natural Gas Industry.

What you should know about Lance:

Retired USN, Chief Petty Officer.

How Lance started fishing

I started fishing tournaments during my second tour of shore duty in the Navy.  I was stationed in Milliington, Tn, and joined a small bass club in 2005.  Some of those club members, were also members of ABA, so I in turn joined the ABA and started fishing with Dennis Hollis out of Division 40.  It was a lot of fun!  And still is!


Aspirations or goals with fishing

Win the Bassmaster Classic, of course.

Favorite way to fish

I really enjoy jig fishing, because every time you feel that tick.... you just never know what's going to be on the end of that line! 

Most exciting fishing experience

Before I started fishing tournaments, I was always looking for a way to get on the water.  I was given a tube fishing outfit by my dad years ago, and started using it when I did not have a boat.  It was great because I could access small waterways, and places that a traditional bass boat couldn't go.  I even caught my personal best largemouth out of that tube!  An 8.56lb largemouth on the Blanco River near San Marcos, Tx out of an inner tube is no everyday occurrance, and was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. 

How Lance prep for a tournament

Find out the basics, water temp, water clarity, season, weather.  What type of water is it?  River, resevoir, natural lake?  Predominant cover and structure on that particular body of water.  Once the information is gathered, use your experience to come up with a few likely seasonal patterns, then use your map, or gps to look for high percentage areas to apply your presentations.  Then practice.  On your own or with someone. Use what you learned in practice to develop a game plan for tournament day, then execute your plan.  Don't be afraid to make adjustments if your plan isn't working.

Three favorite search baits

crankbait, spinnerbait, and buzzbait.

Best tournament finish and what you did that day when you were fishing.

D-40 two day championship on Kentucky Lake in Septermber of 2006.  It was the first year that I fished with the ABA, and the first tournament that I had entered as a boater.  I found some fish shallow near the take off in New Johnsonville. I managed to get 5 keepers the first day for about 10 pounds. To my surprise I was in 3rd place after the first day, so I was feeling pretty confident about what I was doing.  The anglers that were out fishing on the ledges were not having the luck that they normally do.  Day two was better for me.  My second fish was a six pounder, and my confidence was soaring.  I weighed in over 14 pounds the second day and took 1st place in the tournament and big bass honors.  It always feels great to be able to have and execute a plan. I only had two rods on the deck and was able to throw a buzz bait and a texas rigged soft plastic all day.  The buzz bait enabled me to cover lots of water until I would get to a few key areas, then I could soak my plastic on shallow cover.

Most challenging part of tournament fishing

Fishing is never the same, it's always changing.  You have to keep up with what is going on on a particular body of water at that specific time in order to be successful, and it's never the same year end and year out.  There is always room for improvement, and something new to learn everytime you're out on the water.

When tournaments don't go my way

Ask questions.  Try to figure out where you went wrong and improve upon it the next time.

Advice to give to an aspiring tournament angler:

Spend lots of time on the water, and be optimistic about every cast.

Some shared general bass fishing techniques for people just getting into the sport

If you are just getting started my advice would be to try not to learn everything all at once.  Take your time, and learn techniques, and presentations slowly.  You'll enjoy the experience much more and the time invested will be more productive.  Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself, and maintain reasonable expectations.  Join a club, and try to fish with people that have more experience than you do.  Have fun, and remember that it's not a race, so enjoy the ride!

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