Name:Brett Hooks
Big Bass: 3.35
Biggest String: 8.06
Competition Team:ASC
Home Division:112
National Place: 52
Total Points 634
Total Payout: $346

PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
2 09/24/2017 Bridgeport 8.06 199 $346
6 10/08/2017 Hubbard Creek 7.21 195 $0
11 09/23/2017 Bridgeport 5.61 190 $0


PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
2 9/24/2017 Bridgeport 8.06 199 $346
6 10/8/2017 Hubbard Creek 7.21 195 $0
11 9/23/2017 Bridgeport 5.61 190 $0
19 12/2/2017 Graham 0.00 50 $0
            Total  $346






2 09/24/2017 8.06 199 346
6 10/08/2017 7.21 195 0
11 09/23/2017 5.61 190 0

What Truck, Boat and Outboard does Brett run?

2015 Skeeter ZX225 Yamaha 225 Sho

My Sponsors

My wife!!

What Brett does for a living:

What you should know about Brett:

How Brett started fishing

Grew up fishing on Lake Fork learning from my grandad. 

Aspirations or goals with fishing

Be able to always catch fish

Favorite way to fish

With some sort of plastic or jig. Just something about that thump. 

Most exciting fishing experience

How Brett prep for a tournament

Usually starts with over thinking. Then once tournament starts it all goes out the window and just go with gut. 

Three favorite search baits

Square bill and fluke is only "search baits" I use. 

Best tournament finish and what you did that day when you were fishing.

Most challenging part of tournament fishing

Definitely the mental part. Then knowing the pattern of quality fish. 

When tournaments don't go my way

Usually replay it over in my head for a couple of days of what went wrong or what I should have tried different. Always a learning lesson

Advice to give to an aspiring tournament angler:

Make as many quality casts in a day as you can 

Some shared general bass fishing techniques for people just getting into the sport

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