Name:Matthew Mollohan
Big Bass: 0.00
Hometown:Prosperity ,SC
Biggest String: 15.79
Competition Team:ASC
Home Division:96
National Place: 867
Total Points 438
Total Payout: $115

PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
4 11/12/2017 Murray 13.91 197 $115
10 02/25/2018 Murray 15.79 191 $0
30 03/18/2018 Clarks Hill 0.00 50 $0


PL Div Date Lake Total Points Payout
4 96 11/12/2017 Murray 13.91 197 $115
10 96 02/25/2018 Murray 15.79 191 $0
30 96 03/18/2018 Clarks Hill 0.00 50 $0
            Total  $115





4 11/12/2017 13.91 197 115
10 02/25/2018 15.79 191 0
30 03/18/2018 0.00 50 0

What Truck, Boat and Outboard does Matthew run?

2018 Triton 20 TRX Patriot Edition

Mercury Pro XS Optimax 250

2017 Chevy Silverado 2500

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What Matthew does for a living:

I own 3 Health Clubs in the Lexington, SC area called Dynamic Health and Fitness

What you should know about Matthew:

I have been fishing for the better part of 25 years. My Father originally introduced me to fishing at a very young age. He always had bass boats and loved to bass fish.

I have a wife (Nicki) and two young sons (MJ and Easton). They are my pride and joy!

How Matthew started fishing

My Father mostly. He introduced me to fishing at a very young age. He helped develop my love for it. He had a massive stroke when I was 14 years old and has been handicapped ever sense. So, I guess part of me does it for him! I have always been an athlete and I love to compete. Tournament fishing helps keep my competitive spirit alive!

Aspirations or goals with fishing

Favorite way to fish

I love to throw a jig. So, I would have to say skipping docks. I love to skip docks with a jig, top water, spinnerbaits and anything else I can cover a dock with.

Most exciting fishing experience

How Matthew prep for a tournament

I like to break down a lake before I even get there. Topo maps and my navionics chips help me do that. I like to look at the weather closer to the tournament and try to figure out what the fish should be doing before I get there. Then when I start practice if they aren't doing what I think they should be, I make adjustments from there.

Three favorite search baits

Buzz Bait



Best tournament finish and what you did that day when you were fishing.

Most challenging part of tournament fishing

Definitely the mental aspect of tournament fishing! You have to stay POSITIVE!

When tournaments don't go my way

Advice to give to an aspiring tournament angler:

STAY POSITIVE! Tournament fishing can be extremely tough. It's a whole different ball game then just going out and doing some fun fishing. Don't get caught up in what the fish were doing in practice. Fish the conditions and make adjustments along the way. Let the fish tell you what they want!

Some shared general bass fishing techniques for people just getting into the sport

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